Lesson idea #5: Create goals for the year using Glossi

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Individually they created their own specific goals for each category and displayed their top six goals on a Glossi. … It is a great tool to use to display work in a digital magazine format. I’d like to use it with ….

Actions Speak's insight:

If this works in schools, it will work in companies.

Do you actually have people set goals based on company goals?

If not, why not?

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Trey Gowdy Challenges Lack of Process in Balance of Power in DC

President Obama does not have the latitude to just do what he wants to do unless Congress continues to just watch what happens, report on what happens, but does nothing about what happens.

Rules, laws, policies, procedures in any organization must be followed or changed.  Supervisors, managers and executives do not have the discretion to pick and choose what they will abide by.  If they do then an organization is destined to suffer many consequences and encourage double standards that will result in special treatment which will divide the people.

Do you have anyone in your organization that feels they have the discretion to pick and choose which of your policies, procedures, rules, etc. apply to them?

Ontario website dedicated to Differentiated Instruction and Collaborative Inquiry - school examples

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DI-CI: what works… | The purpose of the website is to foster conversations about effective and differentiated instruction and about collaborative inquiry as a way of learning for educators. You are encouraged to make connections to your own practice and context.

Actions Speak's insight:

How often do you collaborate with others to discuss what is really effective in improving performance?

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New Year New Team – Four steps to building your high performing …

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But what about your team? This is the time to broaden your focus from your individual goals and to take a moment to stop and consider your team goals. How are you going to build a high performing team and the success of …

Actions Speak's insight:

Nothing like treating others with respect, walking your talk, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, dropping the games and internal politics, and communicating proactively to accomplish whatr you said you were going to accomplish.

How does your organization score on these 4 steps?

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How to Get the Wrong People Off the Bus - strategy+business (blog)

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How to Get the Wrong People Off the Bus
strategy+business (blog)
I call these people “toxic high performers.” Despite their job skills, they’re usually not worth the trouble to keep them around.

Actions Speak's insight:

How many people can you name in your organization are not a culture fit?

What processes broke down to result in the wrong person being in your culture?

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