What is the Best Type of Culture for Performance?

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We are often asked how to create a high performing culture, and high performing cultures can actually look many, many different ways. There isn’t one way to …

Actions Speak's insight:

Consistency, no double standards for anyone, working hard at reinforcing the right things, and leadership living and encouraging the culture by example everyday.

You must believe in your culture to live it.  Your actions show others what you believe it.  Words are worthless.

Achieving and sustaining a culture in your company is hard work but worth every bit of the effort it takes.

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Helloooooooooooooo STRATEGY - Huffington Post

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 temHelloooooooooooooo STRATEGY
Huffington Post
How often have you seen leaders who are high-performing in their own contexts crumble when they are transferred to a different cultural context? This leads towards a bug-bear of mine: fragmentation.

Actions Speak's insight:

How about one team, one fight, one focus like the Army motto?

How about dropping the government buzz words and just respecting all people as people?

Divisiveness at the political level has poisoned internal company operating cultures.  Politicians are not the role models to follow.

The article asks many very good ‘why’ questions the beginning.  Answer those questions and forget all the theories.  Actions speak.

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DI-CI: what works…

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DI-CI: what works… | The purpose of the website is to foster conversations about effective and differentiated instruction and about collaborative inquiry as a way of learning for educators. You are encouraged to make connections to your own practice and context.

Actions Speak's insight:

Do you do anything like this to help people learn in your culture?

Do you purposely look for best practices of others?

If not, why not?

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New 2014 Employment Laws in California Infographic

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New employment laws could affect your California business’ day-to-day operations and company policies in 2014. Check out this overview of the new laws in our n…

Actions Speak's insight:

Your high-performance work culture gets suffocated by bureaucracy.  This is an example of laws that add cost and questionable value.  Keep adding requirements and oversight like this and many firms will no longer be able to compete because of excessive overhead costs.

How much cost do you incur in your operation to comply with government laws and regulations?

Don’t know?  Shouldn’t you?

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House, Senate Talks to Reform the VA Close to Collapsing over Money

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Efforts by the House and Senate to agree on a bill to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs appeared close to collapsing Thursday over how to pay for billions of dollars in spending. The fight raises the possibility that Congress will leave for its August break without passing…

Actions Speak's insight:

This is what happens in a poisoned culture when doing the right things right are put on the back burner because of side issues.  The right thing in the VA is to walk the talk for each and every veteran that served this country.  Service to our veterans needing help is paramount.  Paperwork, political posturing, suffocating bureaucracy, ineffective communications, and all the other challenges can be overcome by focusing on service and a ‘can-do’ attitude.  There are alternatives.  Activate them.

Any fool can make a great system fail.  But people working together can make a poor system work.  It is time to make the VA system work for our veterans.  

The VA culture is terminal as it stands without senior adult leadership stepping up to the plate to lead by example and blowing away all the barriers in the way of providing award-winning service to our veterans as the #1 priority - with a sense of time is of the essence.

Talk is cheap!  Enough talk.

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Create a high performance organisation with wisdom of effective work teams - Daily Mirror

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Create a high performance organisation with wisdom of effective work teams
Daily Mirror

Actions Speak's insight:

Look at these 12 points and grade (school grade A, B, C, D. F) one team you are on for each point.

Which point is your strongest?

Which point is your weakest?

What would you work on first to make the biggest difference and why?

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